We plan strategically a journey with clear and measurable objectives connected to the brand DNA.

Ambition to lead and integrate your ideas and dreams.

We translate your ideas into tangible results. From product innovation to performance marketing, we work to connect every element at every phase.

We add value to people’s lifes throughout our work. We believe in honesty and authenticity. Every detail must be provided at its maximum quality point. We are committed and when we make our clients smile, that’s real success.

The mind behind

FOUNDER & Creative Director

We're here to make things great

As the founder of BDNA, my creative journey in the industry has matured over a decade of experience. Our mission is to elevate greatness.

Navigating the ever-changing landscape, I empower companies to remain pertinent and thrive. This involves crafting strategies that stand the test of time, curating impactful communication campaigns, and engineering UX experiences. Collaborating closely with clients, we not only envision but also actualize fitting products.

In the realm of digital marketing, perpetual adaptation and innovation are non-negotiable. This is why we firmly stand by the notion that staying ahead is the sole way to avoid falling behind.

My diverse academic foundation in social communication and art direction from Central Saint Martins, London, equips me with a unique perspective.




Jesús Alemán

Paid Media Director

Gero Canevaro

Film & Photography Director

Sofía de la Rua

Administration and Accountant Director

Antonella Castronuovo

BDNA Director

Victoria Cavalieri

Project Manager

Martín Casserly

Project Manager

Belén Fernández

Project Manager

Angie Becerra

Creative Design Manager

Matias Medina

Creative Design Manager

Milena Briones

Creative Design Manager

BDNA goes beyond being just a communication agency. We are a camaraderie of colleagues evolving into friends, amplifying ideas and translating them into action driven purely by goodwill and a proactive spirit. We embrace open dialogues and introspection, and this ethos extends to our collaborations with external teams and clients. Our driving force is collaborative thinking, which empowers us to generate innovative ideas and foster positive change in a world that increasingly demands our contribution.